2018 Plants on the Rise

Each year seems to bring a new trend, whether it be from the latest fashion forward look, to the popular toy or technological device everyone can’t wait to go their hands on.  Trends are also true of the food industry.  While 2017 seemed to be coconut everything, new trends are making their way as we move into 2018.  The new year seems to hold a lot of promise for a movement towards plant based diets and proteins, as well as a huge push towards locally grown food that provides an environmentally friendly way of eating. These trends will also have you feeling your best in the coming year, by helping to detox your body! By limiting what you’re putting into your body, and ensuring what you do provides the needed nutritional value, your body will start to feel and run more smoothly than ever! Check out these trends soon to be seen in your local health food store.

  • Plant Based Diets – Going vegan is not what it once was. In 2018, individuals wanting to go vegan will find a wide selection of plant based foods that will ensure a well balanced diet is being met.  What were once highly processed food options are transforming into exciting options from juicy “burgers”, “tuna,” and even non-dairy yogurt options.
  • Local Foods – 2018 will bring an even bigger push towards locally grown produce.  This is not only beneficial for the environment, as it significantly reduces pollution from transportation, it ensures that ingredients are as fresh as possible and coming from a source who has made a personal commitment to a store or restaurant.  This more personal relationship ensures consumers are getting the best choices possible for their produce.
  • Plant Based Protein – There was once the perception that becoming vegetarian or vegan meant you would have a difficult time getting your recommended daily protein intake, this simply isn’t true. Plant proteins offer the same great health benefits that animal proteins do without all the extras like high cholesterol, high fat, and high calories. Many restaurants will also be embracing the plant based proteins on their menu as they add quinoa, tofu, and tempeh.
  • Root to Stem – There was once the idea that an animal should be used from nose to tail to ensure no parts were wasted. The same trend is making its way into 2018 as chefs find ways to use every part of produce.
  • Bowl Foods – Because of the flexibility and ease in which it takes to make, bowl foods are on the rise. From fruit and oatmeal bowls sprinkled with superfoods such as chia seeds, to unshelled tacos in a bowl, all the way to unwrapped egg rolls, bowl foods seem to be providing a healthier twist to favorite dishes.

Trends will come and go; however, it seems that the food trends headed our way for 2018 will have a health benefit for not only the consumer, but also the planet as well.  These trends provide an environmentally friendly way of eating that benefits animals as well.  Be sure to stop by Georgetown Market to stock up on produce as you try some of these 2018 food trends!

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