What’s New December 2017 (mid-month)

What’s New December 2017 (mid-month)

Seven Sundays’ muesli consists of 100% whole grain gluten free oats, sorghum and buckwheat and a variety of nuts, seeds and spices. Our classic Bircher Apple Cinnamon muesli is completely unsweetened, and we lightly sweetened the other flavors with just a drizzle of organic honey (<2g added sugars per serving). We do not add any refined sugars, oils, GMOs, preservatives, flavors or syrups.  Bircher Apple Cinnamon and Vanilla Cherry Pecan. $5.19 12 oz. bag.

A delicious blend of Turmeric, Dates & Herbs

Gaia Herbs Golden Milk is made with organic Turmeric and Ashwagandha and is based on the traditional Ayurvedic recipe that has been savored for centuries and used to support the mind and body in a number of ways.* Within the ancient branch of medicine in India known as Ayurveda, Golden Milk is a tonic that’s meant to be nourishing, while also tasting delicious. $12.99, reg. $19.99, 3.7 oz, thru December.

The Grandpa Soap Shampoo and Conditioner – A new tradition in haircare begins today with thoughtfully crafted shampoo and conditioner duos for all hair types. Cruelty-free formulas, natural ingredients, and recyclable components are at the heart of our soap making tradition. Witchhazel, Buttermilk and Rosemary $5.79 reg. $7.19 thru December

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