What’s New July 2017

What’s New July 2017

The Daily Crave Lentil Chips, vegan, kosher, non GMO, No MSG, no artificial flavors or coloring, no hydrogenated fats.  Perfect for dipping.  Himalayan Pink Salt and Aged White Cheddar, $3.49

Sunrise Breakfast Biscuits are made of a nutritious mix of organic oats, ancient grains, dried fruit and super-seeds such as chia and hemp to provide consumers with the lasting energy to get through the day. Blueberry Chia, Honey Chia and Dark Chocolate Coconut.  $4.99 ea

Ketchup —the ultimate American condiment— was originally a fermented Asian sauce called kecap. Maya Kaimal’s Spicy Ketchup is inspired by the sweet and spicy type served in India. Its sweetness comes from brown sugar, its spiciness from hot chilies, and its warm notes from toasted cumin.  $5.19 ea.

Simply Organic Simmer Sauces—Balanced, vibrant and aromatic.  For a quick and simple dinner try Mild Taco Sauce, Southwest Taco Sauce, Fajita Sauce or Enchilada Sauce.  $3.69 ez.

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