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Fischer Farms all Natural Meats

**New Lower Price

Ground Round$7.59/lb$6.99/lb
Ground Beef$6.99/lb$6.69/lb
Pork Chops$6.99/lb$5.69/lb
Pork Sausage$4.99/lb$4.49/lb


Our home farm has been in our family since my great grandfather bought the land from the sheriff after the civil war veteran who previously owned the land did not return.   The land is on rolling hills in southern Indiana that is best suited for cattle.   We purchased two neighboring farms and now have 750 contiguous acres all focused on producing top quality beef.

We have strong beliefs that animal production relies too heavily on the use of growth promotants and antibiotics in an effort to reduce costs.   Additionally the processing of the meat and additives that have become standard such as saline solution, MSGs, fillers, dyes and others are not properly regulated.

In 2004, we started selling our beef direct to restaurants and individuals to create a long term viable farm that raises natural beef.